In 1902 Mark Requa, son of a wealthy Comstock silver magnate who owned the narrow gauge Eureka & Palisade Railroad (see Ghost Trains of the Old West Vol 2) organized the White Pine Copper Company and the 140 mile Nevada Northern Railroad.

The line closed in 1983, and the White Pine Historical Railroad Foundation was organized to develop an operating railroad museum.

Kennecott made substantial donations consisting of over 32 miles of track, East Ely Complex of machine shops, roundhouse, yards, and rolling stock as well as the McGill Depot.

In September of 1986, Engine #40 was steamed up for the first time since 1964 and pronounced to be in perfect mechanical condition. A new era thus was born as the newly dubbed "Ghost Train of Old Ely" began chugging along once familiar rails to thrill generations.

Shot in standard definition video, screen size 4:3

Recut and new footage added in 2013.

Copyright 1986-2013

Madame Woo Video

The Ghost Train of Old Ely features footage from the first year of operations with runs to Copper Flat, the only time the museum ran trains to the mines.