The Layouts:

The MRS Railroad

The big canyon

O Scale 18 inch, 30 inch, 36 inch and standard gauges

The 2 foot New England modules

2 foot gauge O scale

O scale standard and two foot gauges

Steve's Rio Grande and Pacific

O scale city

O scale 30 and 36 inch gauges



Store at night


Store and car

There are more structures in the "models" area.

Older layout projects:

Al's N scale Railroad

N scale bridge

N standard gauge

Dale's HO layout, The Salt Lake Interchange

Salt Lake Yards

HO standard and 3 foot gauge

Dale's Garden Railroad, The Colorado & Utah

Uinta Malett

G scale outdoor railroad

New Layout Projects:

Don's new On3 layout

Don's on3 Layout

Dales new F scale layout and shop


The Train Shoppe - Salt Lake City

Train Shoppe Sign

O scale guys logo

The Layouts

of the

O Scale Guys

About the layouts

The O scale guys have been modeling trains in most scales for over 50 years, however they came together to build an O scale layout in the early eighties, which is where they got the name. This was to be a large modular railroad in standard and three foot gauge that could be taken to shows, and had a large building where it could be kept set up and running between shows. The railroad was built, however it soon lost its home and was stored. Later this was set up in part in Pioneer Hobbies in Salt Lake City, however this too came to an end with the closing of Pioneer Hobbies. Much of the layout was moved to MRS Hobbies where the railroad flourished and grew into a true work of art, however in 2008, MRS too closed and the railroad was dismantled yet again. Some of the railroad was combined with Steve's layout in his home and some is waiting to rise from the ashes yet again!

MRS Harbor

The MRS History


Another portable railroad was built for shows, this a New England line in standard and two foot gauges. This too has been brought to a high level of finish, and has been featured in magazines and taken to many shows.

Steve has been building a large On3 railroad in his home for 30 years, the Rio Grand and Pacific. In 2004 he added a 30 inch line when the outstanding On30 products came out from Bachmann and San Juan. This layout is spectacular and is mostly "finished" but Steve keeps adding new areas and features.

All of the guys have been building layouts for years, and three of the "older" layouts are also on the site here. Al was an N scale builder for years, but converted to O over 20 years ago. Dale built in HO for years modeling both class A standard gauge main line, short line, and three foot narrow gauge. In the nineties he added a large G scale railroad in his yard with over 600 feet of track.

And now two new layouts are being built! Don Henrikson is building a On3 line in a spare room in his condo. (yes, you can model O scale in a small space). And Dale has returned from his adventures in California and is starting an F scale railroad and shop in his garage. So far it looks more like a bomb went off.

Check back often, there is always progress on the layouts!