Parts are cast in urethane and "white metal"

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All Scales

switch launtern

Panel switch lantern. Works with stall type switch motors. Changes from red to green to show alignment of the switch

1/20 scale

baggage 1/20 baggage

1/20 scale crates

swich lamp1 1/20 scale switch lantern 12v

switch lamp 2 1/20 scale switch lantern day targets 12 v

caboose lamp 1/20 scale caboose marker 12 v

engine marker 1/20 scale engine marker

caboose lamp 1/20 scale12 volt caboose lamp


1/20 scale Crouse-Hinds traffic signal

1/20 scale fire hydrants

dietz1/20 scale Dietz Pioneer street lamp 12v

stop 1/20 scale marble reflector stop sign

crossbuck 1/20 scale marble reflector crossbuck

crossing 1/20 scale marble reflector RR crossing



O Scale

1/48 scale High Street street lamp 12 volt

HO Scale

Coupler pocket adaptor