Dale has been making figures since 1967 when out of boredom he started carving small figures out of sticks of chalk in his world history class. Until one day he decided to carve a piece of chalk into a functional incendiary device and leave it in the chalk tray for the teacher to "discover". But's another story. Dale produced figures for the Dungeons and Dragons game in the 1980's, but now is making large scale figures for railroads.

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Mail sorter

This figure was made for the D and RGW RPO model dale is building in 1:20.2 scale. While there many large scale figures on the market, few are accurate to a scale, or are advertised as one scale while not that scale. Most are 1:22 scale. So Dale is back to making figures as he needs many for the chairs in the coach.


Here is the head of the mail sorter in the RPO. Dale forms the figures from epoxy ribbon, the blue-yellow makes green stuff which is also available as a tube made famous as "Mity Putty". (as seen on TV) This is not as good a product as the ribbon which was off the market for years but is back.





The green putty masters are used to make molds and the figures are cast in urethane and then painted.





Gene, the Afro-American, under construction


Laura and Jeb

Laura and Jeb

laurahigh heels

The Laura epoxy master


Dale is also making some figures using CGI or CAD software. These can then be printed using rapid prototype printers to make 3d figures. These will also be cast, but they can be painted and used directly from the printer.


The hair will be added after printing. This is Adam, as he is Dale's first CGI person.

Big Jon

This is Big John. He will be several people, a track gang, all based on this one figure. They will be posed and clothed as needed for each member of the gang.

Lennard B

Every train needs a boss, "The Brain". This is Leonard, the conductor. (Leonard Bernstein)

Plans call for selling these guys here on this site and Ebay soon, so keep your eyes open.

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